Eliza Kelley


There's nothing more intriguing than a girl and her piano, and Eliza Kelley, a powerfully moving Indie/Alternative/Pop Singer/Songwriter, exemplifies this. Reminiscent of Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan, her dark, passionate music and lyrics will inspire, excite and comfort your soul.  Her debut album, "Broken" was released in 2012 and is now available for purchase or download at CD BabyiTunesAmazon and many other popular music sites.  Or, download it here for free and pay what you wish!

In addition to her recent exploration of rock music, she also has a Master's degree in French Horn performance from Boston University and holds a permanent position with the Greenville Symphony in Greenville, South Carolina.  She finds inspiration in all forms of music, from Mahler and Tchaikovsky to Damien Rice and Muse.

She was also a member of Divine Isis, an Atlanta based female-centric band with a provocative approach to the musical experience, who recently released the EP, "Scream", which is electrifying fans and raising pulses everywhere.

Her latest project, Hot Sauce and Honey, is the latest incarnation of this naughty, old-school, girl rock which will continue in the suggestive tradition of Divine Isis as they go into the studio this Fall.  This show is complete with whips, top hats and corsets.